LocoMoco is a graphic design studio; handling artworks for various media.
We deliver creative thinking and world-class design across a wide range of disciplines for clients far, wide, big or small.
We just love to get involved and being helpful :D
Services / What We Do
Visual Identity
 Label, Tag, Surface Design, 3D Template Design, Gift Wrap, Goodie Bag, Gift Box
Logo, Brand Identity,
Brand Manual, Event Identity
Signage & Icon
Publication & Print
Poster, Brochure, Flyers, Stationary, Catalogue,
Book, Magazine Spread.
Iconography, Infography, Directional Sign. Environmental Design.
Business Support
Digital & UI/UX
Namecard, Letterhead, Company Profile, Proposal
Presentation Slides.
Front End Web Design, Social Media Campaign, Front End App Design.

Several Parties We're Responsible for

Selected Works
  1. ABLE Anual Report 2016
    ABLE Anual Report 2016
    Able is an non -profit organization based in Singapore. We have been asked to compile provided databases, contents, graphs, news & reports into a book that is aesthetically presentable and something that is clean & modern.
  2. Wedding Invitation
    Wedding Invitation
    Before their wedding, the couple email us in requesting an invitation for them. Since the concept was full of golden flowers, we decided to construct their whole invitation surface with full hot-stamped & gold foil. As you can see that the headline, the body text, the floral illustrations are all made of gold.
  3. Alchemist's Valentines Day Menu
    Alchemist's Valentines Day Menu
    Alchemist Pte Ltd is the first infusion beer lab in the world based in Singapore. We're very glad to received their request in designing a special menu for their special day event.
  4. Apta Taraka Semesta - Logo & Brand Development
    Apta Taraka Semesta - Logo & Brand Development
    This project had been done for one of our well-related client. For us, they are one of the respected architecture agency based in Jakarta. They build houses & buildings across many provinces in Indonesia. Influenced by American-urban architect, they have been known in constructing houses that are luxurious and yet a very comfortable home.
  5. Alchemist - Company Profile
    Alchemist - Company Profile
    One of the greatest infusion beer maker requested us in doing a profile for them. We managed to compile every content given from them and burst it out into a wonderful profile. This profile reflects every each selling aspects of their business. In order to share it to the end user in most flexible ways, we provided them in 2 versions, which are print & digital.
  6. Athena - Type Family
    Athena - Type Family
    This type family has been very a successful experiment. It has been featured on certain media such as Typography Served. Before that, this font is created to be the primary typeface used for men's bodybuilding magazine. This font itself has diverse curved and shapes that are hybrid from Greek alphanumeric glyphs and modern glyphs.
  7. Ivony Bakery - Packaging
    Ivony Bakery - Packaging
    Ivony Bakery is based in Makasar, Indonesia. Ivony contact us in requesting us to create & illustrate a rustic cake packaging for their bakery. Having thoughts of it, we managed to customize a suitable template with the handles for people able to carry the box easily. After that, we designed the whole surface & crafting them according to references Ivony gave. Then we jumped into production house to manufacture thousands of these boxes and lastly we managed to ship it safely to Makasar.
  8. Beer Coasters
    Beer Coasters
    Little Island Brewing Co. has been known for it's variety alcohol drinks experiments. The artworks on the coaster are portraying each of every drinks' taste palette. Every drink has it's own mood & tone, which makes no wonder why LIBC has been award as one of the top in Singapore. And we are very honored to be part of it.
  9. European Union - Catalogue & Prints Production
    European Union - Catalogue & Prints Production
    In 2017, European Union held a business trade event in South East Asia. As for Jakarta, we are mostly honored to be trusted in handling its prints & production for their event.
  10. Singapore 2016 National Day Poster
    Singapore 2016 National Day Poster
    To promote certain event, LIBC has request us to make an artwork to be published on certain media. We make sure that this artwork is well crafted portraying a lively festive event completed with an exciting promotion.
  11. Christmas Ad - Little Island Brewing Co.
    Christmas Ad - Little Island Brewing Co.
    All of us know that Christmas is one of the most exciting holiday where family having a great time together. Weeks before the holiday, LIBC came to us in asking to create an ad to promote an exciting family feast package in a wonderful Christmas way.
  12. How to Self-Serve Your Beer
    How to Self-Serve Your Beer
    This board is an infographic made for Little Island Brewing Co. to show how customer are be able to refill their beer by their own. With an helpful technology, they just need to tap a card to the machine and raise their glass to cheers.
  13. E-Flyer - Little Island Brewing Co.
    E-Flyer - Little Island Brewing Co.
    Last Oktoberfest, LIBC are having a promotional event to serve the oyster with a delicate price & package. This E-Flyer is a fantastic way to shout out this fantastic deal to thousands of people. Customers are happy, our clients are happy, and we never been happier.
  14. Little Island Brewing Co. Special Menu
    Little Island Brewing Co. Special Menu
    Special menu comes with special occasion, that's what happened to almost every restaurant. And of course we're always very excited to help & support LIBC in every creative preparation of any special event. We just love to get involved and be helpful.
  15. Business Card for LIBC
    Business Card for LIBC
    Some eye-catching business card for the most hippie and tropically-exciting restaurant/bar in Singapore.
  16. LIBC - Signage
    LIBC - Signage
    Every retail need signage not just to make them stand out telling people that they are there, but also to spread their branding on its artistry.
  17. Nespresso Campaign
    Nespresso Campaign
    Nespresso have been well known as a top coffee brand around the world. Last year, we are able to work with Lumino Pte Ptd in supporting & completing this campaign. Locomoco have been providing artworks for their needs and we're relieved that it has been a success.
  18. Ombe Kofie's Cup Design
    Ombe Kofie's Cup Design
    Every one around Jakarta must known Ombe Kofie as one of the top and most respected coffeeshop. It's been our pleasure to have work with such brand, trusting us on crafting the visual of their product.
  19. Kidspass Website
    Kidspass Website
    KidsPass is a program for children on certain age to be able to receive variety of awesome activities in a great deal. Their parents just need to pay a monthly retainer, and their children can do anything they want, such as karate class, piano lesson, watch cinema, playground and many more.
  20. Taipan - Menu
    Taipan - Menu
    Taipan has been one of the most delicate & luxurious chinese restaurant in Indonesia. And a while ago, they wanted to change their branding to be more modern and requested us in doing not only the whole menu, but also an amount of stationaries & prints for their restaurant & branding.
  21. Wedding Invitation
    Wedding Invitation
    This project was quite challenging to us since it is using a lazer-cut to execute this wedding invitation. Lot's of milestone have to be checked before it was finalize into a perfect form.
  22. Carro Ad
    Carro Ad
    Carro is a car marketplace where people could buy or sell their car in an instant way. We had been backing up Carro in doing amount of Ads and graphics so that the marketing engines is on.
  23. Crescent
    Crescent is a title for an art-science exhibition in HongKong. It was celebrating the wonder of outer space in an artistic way. The branding here is made futuristic but in a simplified way. It was a fun project to be able to experiement with the typography.
  24. Fernando Rolindez Ginger Ale
    Fernando Rolindez Ginger Ale
    A bar in Colombia requested us to made them a minimalist yet vintage label for their special drink.
  25. Maarkeze - Menu & Prints
    Maarkeze - Menu & Prints
    Maarkeze is a antique coffeeshop based in Jakarta. They serves a supreme quality of coffee and beverages. Maarkeze have been a great coffee-stop for working & business people as their location are at the center of working venue. We have been in charge of doing amount of prints and designs to make sure the brand image are in a perfect taste.
  26. Yes You Can
    Yes You Can
    This packaging is a sub-brand that is organized by a gym is Manchester. It serves healthy choices of food & snacks. The packaging are made with an organic material. Then we design the outcome to stay minimalist and straight-forward with a little bit of fun to portray more of a positive vibe.
  27. Ruby Bottle Label
    Ruby Bottle Label
    We are very excited to be able to create a label design for an Ale Beer drink based in Canada. We haven't taste this drink before, yet we nailed this project.
  28. Taste the Taste
    Taste the Taste
    This book write about the most healthy recipes in the most delicious ways. It also tells us a lot about unique facts that people might not even know about healthy food choice. This book was designed to look simple but also in a rustic-modern way. Most of the photography content was edited to be more natural-looking by putting more texture into it. Also the whole idea of this concept & photography styling is to attract and evoke the younger generation about living in a healthy way without stressing out about diet-torture, and let's just start from the simplest step.
  29. Title 31
    Title 31
  30. Civet Coffee Bean Packaging
    Civet Coffee Bean Packaging
    One of the most legendary coffeeshop in Jakarta, Coffee Kulture, requested us to design for them an exclusive packaging for their very special product. It is very important for them that the packaging is exclusive enough but not to the point of overly luxurious. So here we come with a minimalist outcome with a little bit playful to the typography treatment.
  31. Coffee Kulture's Mug
    Coffee Kulture's Mug
    One of the branding materials that we've asked to do by Coffee Kulture. A friendly quote illustrated in a friendly-looking way.
  32. "Fragments of Time" Exhibition Collaterals
    "Fragments of Time" Exhibition Collaterals
    We are very honoured to have become a part of this exhibition that was held in Sabah, Malaysia. This exhibition showcases a lot of talented artists' works such as photographies, sculptures, paintings and more. And we are briefed to prepare collaterals such as catalogues, invitation, banners and etc in a concept that binds all these artistic vibe.
  33. "Fragments of Time" Exhibition Collaterals
    "Fragments of Time" Exhibition Collaterals
    We are very honoured to have become a part of this exhibition that was held in Sabah, Malaysia. This exhibition showcases a lot of talented artists' works such as photographies, sculptures, paintings and more. And we are briefed to prepare collaterals such as catalogues, invitation, banners and etc in a concept that binds all these artistic vibe.
  34. LIBC in Launching a New Beer Label
    LIBC in Launching a New Beer Label
    We are very glad that LIBC has always been giving us projects, big or small. This one especially, is a project to celebrate a brand new alcohol beverage that was personally crafted by them, called "White Light". Before this was done, they give us a very detail brief if how they want it to look like and we are so excited that we are able to help for this special occasion.
  35. Event Identities for IABS 2017
    Event Identities for IABS 2017
    We've been very excited to be a part of this business event held in Adelaide. For this project, we work very close with an event agency in supporting every single marketing tools & branding collaterals to make this event possible.
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